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At the first floor of the hotel is restaurant that our guests can use. They can choose in between bad and breakfast, half board or a full board. There is variety of national cuisine specialties so as sea food specialties. We present just a peace of our offer.

In the pleasant ambient, which is combination of wood and stone, on the first floor of the hotel is situated our restaurant “Aquarius” with 20 years long tradition.

Beside the food for the board guests we offer vide range of national cuisine specialties…..

Restaurant is made in classical Mediterranean stile, decorated with old-fashioned coastal details, fishing nets, amphorae, seashells….

In front of the restaurant is beautiful terrace filled with flowers and on it you can enjoy in various national specialties, fresh fish and sea specialties, surrounded with sounds of Mediterranean music. Along with rich vine cart taste magical moments in the pleasant ambient of restaurant “Aquarius”.

Beside classical restaurant we offer our guests services of bed and breakfast, half board and full board.


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